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Here you can find out about the guitar lessons that we offer and some information on what genres, styles and types of guitar we teach.

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Guitar Lessons Brisbane - Genres We Teach

We offer Brisbane's finest guitar mentoring service. Catering to all levels we offer beginner guitar lessons through to professional mentoring across all popular genres. This is Brisbane's best place to learn guitar.

Starting from scratch? We have the best Group Beginner Guitar Lessons in Brisbane. Four 1hr classes run once a week on Wednesdays at our Ashgrove studios. You'll receive a folder with all of the material you've covered each week so that you can revise and practise between sessions. These a are fun, social way to start learning guitar. We cover everything that you'll need to know to be able to strum and pick some songs, play with excellent technique which will make it easier for you to progress further, care for and tune your instrument, and grasp basic music theory. All of this in four weeks. The total cost for the four weeks is just $120.

Looking for Private Lessons? One on one lessons gives you the luxury of learning at your own pace and receiving personalised attention to your guitar playing. We've mentored complete beginners through to touring professionals in our one on one sessions. We'll definitely be able to help you out regardless of what level you are at, or what genre you want to play.

We believe that one of the most important elements of learning guitar is learning to play music that you love. The guitar being the extremely versatile instrument that it is, it's more than likely that you'll be able to play your favourite style of music on guitar.

Rock Guitar and Pop Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Rock Guitar and Pop Guitar are the two most popular genres of guitar playing that we get to teach. We cover everything from 50's rock through to the latest hits from 2018. Nothing will get you learning faster than playing the music that you love to listen to. Gone are the days of boring guitar lessons where you had to play music you didn't like. If you want to learn to rock, that's what we'll teach you.

Blues Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Blues Guitar lessons are a great idea whatever genre you're into. Blues is the foundation of most contemporary guitar playing. Want to play rock or pop? It really can't hurt to get some blues licks under your belt. We can help with everything from rural blues, which is almost country, through to modern electric blues which is almost rock.

Metal Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Metal Guitar requires a high degree of rhythmic precision and accuracy. An extremely relaxed and efficient technique is required to play this genre in any sustainable way. We make sure that you're technique is up to scratch so that you can continue to play the music you love without hurting yourself. From Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden through to Meshugga we've got you covered whichever sub-genre of metal you prefer.

Jazz Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Jazz Guitar is a difficult discipline to learn without someone to guide you along the way. There's a surprising amount of tradition tied up in Jazz which is unexpected at first in such an open style. Once you start to understand how to 'think' jazz, then finding a path through everything that needs to be learned to play this style becomes a much easier task.

Country Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Country music is one of the most popular styles of music in the world. The calibre of player in Nashville, the world's home of country music is a testament to that. You may just want to strum a traditional country ditty, or you may want to learn some serious chicken pickin' licks. Either way, we'll be able to get you going with your dream of playing country music.

Funk Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Funk Guitar is all about rhythm and groove. An excellent picking hand technique is required, one that needs to be relaxed so that you can sustain long periods of rhythmic 16th playing. A good knowledge of chords is also necessary.

Classical Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Classical guitar's history begins with the arrival of the guitar in Western Europe and as such it's the oldest guitar style. Learning to read music is pretty much a necessity for this style (don't worry, it's an easy skill to acquire). As is a well formed picking hand to help you play the many single note runs and arpeggiated chordal passages that this genre presents us with.

Types Of Guitar We Teach

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars come in two basic varieties. Nylon (or gut) string guitars, and steel string guitars. Neither is harder to play than the other, and you should choose the sort of instrument you play based on the sound you prefer. Nylon string guitars tend to be primarily used for classical and flamenco guitar styles. Steel string guitars tend to be used for country, folk, pop and rock. The nylon string guitar has a slightly mellower tone and the steel string a more shimmery bright sound (they're particularly good for strumming).

Electric Guitar

It is a common assumption that electric guitars are louder than acoustic guitars. When they're not plugged in, of course, they actually are much quieter. Many amplifiers have headphone outputs and smartphones and similar devices can now run amp emulation software so that you can plug your guitar into your phone and practise anywhere that you like. If you're worried about annoying the neighbours, then don't! Just plug in a pair of headphones and you'll be quieter than your acoustic guitar playing friends if you want to be.

Slide Guitar

Playing the guitar with a slide (or steel) is a wonderfully expressive style. You don't necessarily need a special guitar to use a slide on, just an action (height of the strings off the fingerboard) that is a little higher than usual. Commonly, a slide is a steel, brass or glass tube that you place on a left-hand finger of your choice and gently press down on the string to create a note. It's like having a moveable fret in your hand.

Getting Started

Whatever style of guitar you're interested in, we'll be able to help you achieve your dreams of playing it. Don't sit there just listening to music, start making it.